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When / Where:

March 13 (Wed) 17:00~21:00

Yamagataza Takinami(Akayu, Yamagata City, Yamagata)

Nationwide No. 6 Yeast Summit in Takinami


A gorgeous event to enjoy sake produced with No. 6 Yeast, and foods made with ingredients grown right in Yamagata. You’ll also get a chance to meet the brewers, swap stories, and talk sake. La Jomon's original sakes’ "La Jomon" and "Ajikan" also make their debut.

We’ve Got an Export Sake Wholesale License!


On January 10, 2019 we finally obtained our wholesale license. That means we can now deliver our delicious sake overseas, which has always been a dream since opening La Jomon. If you are interested in purchasing our sake for your store or restaurant, please let us know! (2019.1.16)

"Nationwide No. 6-yeast-Summit 2019"

Nationwide No. 6-yeast-Summit has been decided to be held.

This is  the first time to go out of Yamagata and go outdoor!

It will be held as a pre-event for sake events "Nihonshu and NIshikoen" held in the neighboring Miyagi prefecture.

The name is "Nationwide No. 6-yeast-Summit in Nihonshu and Nishikoen".

You can get  the tickets at e-plus.

We are looking forward to seeing you this year, too!


When / Where:

June 7(FRI)15:00~

Nishikoen(Aoba-ku, Sendai-city)



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