La Jomon is located in the Hirashimizu district, just is a 10-minute drive from Yamagata Station and a 5-minute drive from Yamagata Zao Interchange. The district is full of charm of natural beauty in every season.

Heisenji temple


This temple shares the same Tendai sect as Hieizan Enryakuji. Alongside La Jomon, there is a path to the Dainichido, where the owner of La Jomon often enjoys taking photographs.



Hirashimizu has a 200-year history as a pottery village. They make pottery one-by-one, using stones from the base of nearby Chitose mountain. You can make your own dish or bowl at a pottery workshop here as well.



With vegetation from their dye field, Kameya specializes in dying silk, Japanese paper, cocoon and hemp, all produced in Yamagata prefecture. You can purchase handmade scarves, accessories, and more at their store.



This small, traditional ramen shop continues the work of the previous master and is often found packed with customers by noon.