​All our unique sakes are produced from pure rice, additive-free, and always kept under refrigeration. We offer our own line of sakes as well as a curated selection from around Japan.
PB 純米酒六根浄(Junmaishu "Rockonjo")

​Our flagship sake since opening shop, this is a great sake to start with if you’re new to La Jomon. For lighter drinkers, mix equal parts with club soda, add a dash of lemon juice, and enjoy!

Raw materials: rice (Dewasansan grown in Yamagata prefecture), koji / Polished rice ratio : 60% / No. 6 yeast / Alcohol content : 16%
1.8 ℓ 2,800 yen (tax included) / Brewer : Mitobeshuzo, Ltd.
PB 小仕込特別純米原酒どっこいしょ
(Special junmaigenshu "Dockoisho")

The flavor of this carefully hand-brewed sake comes across both strong and delicate. Try it warm and see how the flavors further unfold. If you drink 28 BY, 29 BY, 30 BY, you can enjoy at each stage, as this sake develops well after having been opened.

Raw materials: rice (Dewasansan grown in Yamagata prefecture), koji / Polished rice ratio : 55% / No. 7 yeast 
Alcohol content : 18~19 % / 1.8 ℓ 3,240yen (tax included)
Brewer : Otokoyamashuzo, Ltd.
PB 山廃純米La Jomon

​This sake, taking the namesake of our store, comes from our desire to have people be able to enjoy good sake at an affordable price. It is made by Yamahai, a fermentation process by which complex flavors arise from the work of lactic acid bacteria. La Jomon will be available for purchase in bars and restaurants, so keep an eye out for it next time you’re on the town! (Not sold to individuals.)

Raw materials: rice (Dewanosato grown in Yamagata City), koji Polished rice ratio : 70% / No. 6 yeast / Alcohol content : 16 % Brewer : Shuhoshuzojou, Ltd.
PB No. 6 sake yeast-used-wine
Glycerine Queen

This slightly sparkling white wine was brewed using sake yeast in an amphora. Glycerine Queen embodies the best of both sake and wine, with gorgeous aroma and a dry finish. 

Raw materials: grape (Niagara, Neo Muscat) 
Alcohol content : 10.5 % / Brewer : Grape Republic, Ltd.
Selected sakes and foods around Japan
In our shop, we can also recommend other alcoholic beverages with confidence. In addition, we offer a selection of high-quality foods perfect for sake pairing. Among our selections, we carry dry fruits and bean snacks made in Yamagata, and canned fish from Kesennuma.